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Our firm is a full service accounting and consulting firm. We cater to a wide variety of clients ranging from individuals to medium-sized corporations. Our staff accountants and partners specialize in retirement strategies, business consulting, estates and trusts, not for profit organizations and personal financial strategies. We work with clients on a one-to-one basis, creating a warm atmosphere that puts them at ease even during their highest times of stress.

We are committed to providing a complete range of professional tax and accounting services, all at affordable fees. We pledge to create an environment that will cause each of our clients to view us as a trusted business advisor.

Of course, in addition to our specialty areas, we also provide tax and accounting services, including tax planning and tax return preparation, auditing, and bookkeeping. Our firm is an equal opportunity employer.

Our firm is dedicated to serving all of your accounting, tax, and financial needs. Our continuing mission is to serve you by providing the highest level of expertise and professionalism possible.





With more than 30 years of experience in accounting, taxation, financial strategies and auditing, Jay Gelbein brings a common sense approach and guidance to the firm's clients. His years of experience with the IRS Appellate division has made him a trusted advisor on complex tax issues and audit representation.




Avi brings more than 10 years of audit, tax, and accounting experience to the firm. He was previously a senior auditor in a New York city midsize firm specializing in not for profit and accounting for nursing homes. Avi is also a licensed insurance broker helping clients protect their wealth.













Our firm offers a full range of tax planning and compliance serivces.


We guide you every step of the way. Beginning with advising our clients…


It is never too early to start thinking about retirement…


Our firm provides compilation, review, and audit services to business entities…


Fraud schemes and prevention. Fraud Risk assessment. Economic Damage Calculations.


Offering a wide range of consulting services to help you improve..



Our firm knows the tax laws, and we have broad familiarity with IRS and State tax procedures…

Tax Services

Our firm offers a full range of tax planning and compliance services. We will work with you year-round in order to minimize your total tax burden. Our firm also prepares all federal, state and local tax returns for individuals, businesses, not for profits, estates and trusts.

Accounting Services

We guide you every step of the way. Beginning with advising our clients in selecting the appropriate business entity, structuring your accounting system, and providing continuous guidance in related accounting, management and tax matters.

Retirement Strategies

It is never too early to start strategizing for retirement. If you want to live the same lifestyle–or an even better one–than you do now, you need to start thinking about your retirement…NOW. We can analyze your projected income and expenses and suggest strategies to help you make sure that your golden years 10, 20, and even 50 years from now live up to your expectations.

Compilation, Review, and Audit Services

Our firm provides compilation, review, and audit services to businesses of all sizes. We can compile your financial records into meaningful GAAP-compliant financial statements, offer limited-scope review testing, and can deliver complete audit attestation.

Forensic Accounting

Fraud schemes and prevention. Fraud Risk assessment. Economic Damage Calculations.

Consulting Services

Our company offers a wide range of consulting services to help you improve business operations, boost efficiency, and increase the bottom line.

Risk Management

IRS and State/Local Representation

Our firm knows the tax laws, and we have broad familiarity with IRS and State tax procedures. We can provide complete representation services before the IRS as well as state and local taxing authorities. We are also experienced in negotiating Offers in Compromise with the IRS.


What do I do if I receive a notice from the IRS about my taxes?

Don’t panic! the first thing to do is carefully read the notice to determine why it was sent, what the IRS is requesting, and what they want you to do. It may be nothing of importance; it may even be a notice in your favor. After reading it you should bring it to our attention.

What do I need to bring when I am having my taxes prepared?

Following is a list of the more common items you should bring if you have them:

Wage statements (Form W-2)
Pension, or retirement income (Forms 1099-R)
Dependents’ Social Security numbers and dates of birth
Last year’s tax return
Information on education expenses
Information on the sales of stocks and/or bonds
Self-employed business income and expenses
Lottery and/or gambling winnings and losses
State refund amount
Social Security and/or unemployment income
Income and expenses from rentals
Record of purchase or sale of real estate
Medical and dental expenses
Real estate and personal property taxes
Estimated taxes or foreign taxes paid
Cash and non-cash charitable donations
Mortgage or home equity loan interest paid (Form 1098)
Unreimbursed employment-related expenses
Job-related educational expenses

How do I find out about my refund?

The best way is to use the Check Your Refund link from the Resources pages of our website! To look up the status of your federal or state refund, you will need your social security number, filing status, and exact amount you’re expecting back.

How long do I keep my records and tax returns?

You should keep your records and tax returns for at least 3 years from the date the return was filed or the date the return was required to be filed, whichever is later. It is recommended that you keep these records longer if possible.

What are the tax consequences of buying a home?

The main tax consequence of buying a home is that you may be able to deduct the property taxes you pay and any mortgage interest you pay. Points you pay may also be deductible. Please contact our office to determine the eligibility. Normal expenses for maintaining a home are not deductible, but you should keep records of any major expenses for repairs or improvements. I you have a taxable gain when you sell your home, these expenses may be deductible.

I haven’t been filing my tax returns, what should I do?

First, you must determine if you were required to file in the years you did not file. There are many different items that could figure into this-such as your filing status, your sources of income, whether you had any tax withheld, etc.

IRS filing requirements
If you determine you should have filed, contact us and we can handle all of your prior year filings. It is very important that you do not just continue to not file. If you owe money the penalties for not filing are high. If you are owed a refund you will lose your claim to it 3 years after the due date of the return.



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